IMATS 2014

IMATS. International Make-up Artist Trade Show was held at the Metro Convention Centre. This is where my inner makeup geek comes to life!  Pigments and brushes and tools oh my!!

When I arrived ticket in hand, there was already a huge line up.  And then I entered and the frenzy began.   

I always like to stock up on tools and look for brands that are difficult to get in Canada.  Below are a few palettes I couldn't help but admire at the Kryolan booth. 

I wish I could have taken more pictures of all the cosmetics.  I just got so carried away and inspired by all the demonstrations. Below you'll see some special effects work.  At one end of the hall they had a trailer-like set up with 6 artists working on 6 clients. Check it out, let me know what you think! 

The artist used green tissue paper (and some type of glue) for the hair on the side of his client's head.  I would never of thought to use tissue paper!  It added such dimension to the look.  

This make up artist used airbrushing to create a alien type skin texture.

Great use of prosthetics.

It wouldn't be IMATS without some very cool body paint creations.

Hair was another outlet of creativity.

The pieces that are forming an almost 'veil like' structure is actual hair. 

Of course my Mom had to get some action shots of me shopping. 

As for the best part of the day...I got to meet two of my idols.  Can you guess who they are?

The one and only Sam and Nic from Pixiwoo!!! They are makeup gurus from the UK.  These sisters created a brush line called Real Techniques and they had a booth at IMATS.  They are one of the main reasons why I went into makeup.  I never thought I would ever get to meet them (they are so much taller then me, mind you everyone is!) This was a very happy and special moment for me. 

I got them to sign one of their brushes that I own (it's the buffing brush, in case you were wondering).  This brush will forever be a constant reminder that not only am I fulfilling my dream, but that anything is possible.

I hope this gave you a little insight into what IMATS is all about here in Toronto! Here is my Mom and I enjoying brunch after the mayhem.  And this is our best attempt at a selfie...

Let me know if you went to IMATS, and if you liked this post. Comment and share with all your friends! 





Community Rocks 2014

What better way to spend a cold Saturday evening then in one of Toronto’s most admired tourist area the CNE, in a building named after Queen Elizabeth; all whilst supporting a great cause 

Community Rocks is the way to go! I was honoured to not only be invited to this event but to also be a part of it.  I was asked to face paint two front door greeters Nelson and Larry.  I couldn’t be more thrilled!   

Community Rocks is an event held every 2 years to raise money, awareness and create hype for an outstanding organization that provides services and supports people with intellectual disabilities.  They focus on instilling independence, social inclusion and personal choice.  They value a society where everyone can reach their full potential, support one another and thrive to fulfill their dreams.   There are over 1,200 people who attend this event.

Please take a moment and check out what they do on . You can also find them on Facebook at Community Living Toronto.

I arrived early to meet Nelson and Larry and do their face paint.  If you didn’t already guess, the theme this year was Canadiana.  

 They were both such great models! They held so still almost like statues.

The event started at 6pm and as I was waiting for my friends and family to arrive I noticed my logo flash across the screens.  There it was next to other contributors.  It made me very happy.

For those of you who have never been inside the Queen Elizabeth Building it is quite large.  It has a massive space and a fairly large theatre concert hall (which we’ll get to in a minute).

Below are some pictures of the ambiance…

My mother is the brain behind the concept/theme.  She put together a storyboard and formed the entire atmosphere.  She is excellent at doing this! She gets inspired by one thing and it snowballs from there. Sometimes her ideas all come to her at once.  I've actually witnessed her running to grab a pen and paper to jot them all down.  Her talent of visualizing everything, is not only impeccable, but it also ALWAYS works. 

Seventh Heaven is the caterer for this event.  They do an exceptional job! Not only does their food tie in with the theme but it is beautifully laid out, delicious and there is LOTS of it!! 

Seventh Heaven presents their Canadian dishes…

Alberta Beef with mashed potatoes 

Lobster Roll

Mac n’ Cheese

Red Jell-O and candy table

Cupcakes in the shape of the Canada Flag (so amazing!)

Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwiches 

Chocolate covered bacon on a stick….ummmm yea

The cheese table…Unfortunately I got to it a little late, so it had been picked through a bit. Can you blame them??

I didn't even get to all that Seventh Heaven had to offer.  But I will say this, give them a try at your next event.  See their work at You will not be disappointed!

Here I am with Ed Spano of Seventh Heaven, he is one of three brothers who own and run the business.  I believe that even his parents do their part in the kitchen, it really is a family run business.  I have known Ed for a few years now, and I have had the pleasure of watching him work at other events.  He is an awesome chef and a great leader! He is always in great spirits and really loves to receive feedback.  Ed adds his own twist to traditional meals and is constantly thinking up new ideas. It is with great pleasure to call him a friend. 

Krispy Kreme was also there to lend a hand…Thank you Melissa and Keith Stein!  They own a franchise and donated 700 donuts!!

Speaking of Krispy Kreme, my cousin Kristen represented the brand quite nicely… how cute is she?!

Once we moved into the concert hall Ben Mulroney was the MC for the evening.  He was very charming and held a great stage presence.

Here is Duncan Jackman the Honourary Chair (also my boss) and Mark Johnson the Event Chair saying a few words and thanking all those who have helped raise over $500,000 that evening! 

There was a Canadian band called Good Acoustics/Train Reaction that came out and did their thing.  They are so talented and cheerful and known for popping up at different subway stations in Toronto, do a gig and put everyone in a good mood.  Check them out at or on their Facebook page.

The show stopper for the night was a Canadian rock band called Trooper.  They have been around since the 70’s and have numerous hits.  They played in the concert theatre.  God, were they ever lively and thrilled to be performing! They had the crowd up and dancing in no time. Ray McGuire (lead vocalist) had a few ‘costume changes’ and I loved what this shirt said.  “If you don’t like what you got, why don’t you change it?” 

Matt’s parents having a great time! 

And us! 

After party following the concert featuring Dj Raptor Marc (that’s when the real fun begins).  Here is Matt dancing with his Mom.

Selfie with Kristen, my brother Jeff and I 

More selfies with my friend Sam (and Anthony photo bombing) 

Here’s another with my girl Lina. We've been friends since we were 4 years old!

The boys playing air hockey

My Mom and Duncan.  And yes he is very tall! 

Me and my familia in plaid (great minds think alike) 

Here I am with Angela Bradley she is the Director of Public Relations and Fundraising for Community Living and she is the one in charge and making sure it all comes together.  Even under pressure this woman is smiling and laughing.  She radiates happiness, it’s obvious she loves what she does and they all just adore her.  Angela is the modern day gal with a heart of gold. You Rock Angela! 

There was also an amazing art exhibit from Creative Village Studio allowing artists to showcase their abilities and all of their work.  It was just beautiful! The table was filled with such colourful pieces I couldn't stop taking photos.

Although something about this one stole my heart...

What kind of event would it be without a photo booth? You really have to be quick on deciding your pose and what prop to use.

This was such a remarkable night and wonderful event.  I couldn’t be more honoured to be asked to be a part of it.  I am so happy I got to share this experience with my dear friends and loving family! 

Thank you for taking the time to read this, please feel free to share this post with your friends and family Canadian or not ;)




UP, UP and Away

One of the many things I would like to do in life includes (but not limited to) the following:

-Skydiving – obviously, who hasn't thought about it

-Learn to surf - hopefully in Aussie town

-Drive a stock car - Yuuuuuppppp

-Hot air balloon ride – because it would be the closest I’ll come to flying

-Experience weightlessness

-Travel to Hawaii to watch the sunsets and admire the volcanoes 

-Work alongside Pat McGrath

My list could go on forever but I’d rather not bore you to death.  To me, accomplishing or mastering something is not about the place or thing, it’s about the experience. The memory that is created.  I cherish those moments, and that’s when I realized what life is all about…little memories all piled up to make up ‘your’ story.

Matt and I ended up on a hot air balloon ride.  Figured it was easier then traveling to Australia!  It was his Christmas gift from moi but we went in the summer.  It was a beautiful day and an adventure I will NEVER forget.

image1 (3).JPG

Arriving onsite to meet our pilot and other guests traveling with us.

We all had a role in helping to operate the hot air balloon. Matt's responsibility was to blow ;) 

We had a bit of a shaky take off...

But we made it!

The view was spectacular and is so peaceful that high up.

Here is a bird's-eye view from the basket.

Those tiny spots are cows...little cows.

And the sight of all the trees! I'm sure this would be breathtaking in the fall.

Sneaking a pic of my handsome man and the da fire...

The landing was quite bumpy and yes, when you eventually land the basket tips over and you end up on your back.  

This was an unforgettable experience, being up the clouds, looking down at the tall trees.  Hot Air ballooning changes your perspective on the all greenery our world has to offer.  Living in the city, you take it for granted…but it feels nice to be reminded.    

We both agreed we would do this again. Would you try it?



MAC The Rocky Horror Picture Show Tribute

This is a musical that brings me back to a time where girly sleepovers were a norm and wearing makeup was just for fun.   This film broke so many boundaries with the sexual evolution of the 70's and the exploration of satire. It truly was ahead of its time.

Moving on, because I could really write about this film and all its underlining meanings forever, I went to MAC to purchase a few items from the collection. Let me know what you think...

Number 7 Lashes - which is carried in the regular line but I had to have the packaging

Rocky Horror Powder Blush - Crazed Imagination 

Rocky Horror Lipstick- Oblivion (Amplified) 

Lets start with Oblivion. This lipstick is beautiful and because it's labelled as 'amplified' it has a creamy and shine-like texture. It's very pigmented and would look great on its own as a Halloween lip or with a pin-up style look (black winged liner and matte skin). I also do think this colour would suit all, if not most skin tones.   

Although the lipstick itself looks darker in the applicator, it is actually very close to the colour of the lips on the packaging.  I recommend a gold eye look with this colour.  It would look gorgeous! 

Crazed Imagination is stunning and complex in a sense that, it is peachy and has shimmer running through it but when applied too heavily it can appear almost 'muddy.'  A small tip- use a light hand when applying and maybe try a duo fiber brush so it prevents you from picking up too much product.

Feel free to leave a comment and thank you for visiting!



‘America’ in TRUMP Hotel

I was lucky enough to be invited to the opening of America the new restaurant in the TRUMP hotel, formally known as Stock.  Oliver & Bonacini collaborated with INK Entertainment to host this brilliant event.  If you happen to live in Toronto and have never heard of O & B then you need to get out from under your rock.  They are taking over the city with all of their restaurants and event spaces.

Let me set the tone. You are greeted outside on a red carpet, then you step inside the hotel (which by the way smells amazing, like grapefruit mixed with other deliciousness) and the ceilings are as high as 3 giraffes piled on one another.  The décor is lush, dark and manly.  They then gesture you towards the lounge area where you are then greeted again, this time with cocktails (3 to choose from) by wait staff who are gorgeous and wearing very chic blonde bob wigs. 

This was my gorgeous drink of choice, a lychee martini with berries topped with a real flower! I'm really bad with knowing flower types...Matt would know. He's got a green thumb.  Anyone have a clue?  

This was the lounge area. I love the purple! So modern and not hard on the eyes.

All of the beautiful wait staff had on these chic blonde wigs, great touch! Although this lady seems a bit put off by me taking her picture. LOL 

And then there was light...this is America.  On the 31st floor, might I add.  My Iphone does not do this place justice, but I quickly took a picture as this place was filling up really fast.

Now some food shots, I'm sorry I had to do it.  This is the beef and mac n' cheese station.  It was tasty and light (believe it or not) I had two servings and could have gone back for 5 more. 

Presenting Mini Mac. Their version of The Big Mac. Nuff said. 

Dessert table. With liquid nitrogen. 

All in all the opening was a huge success! With over 800 people coming and going all evening. The food was spectacular and the restaurant is stunning.  I will leave you with this picture of Twiggy.  I love Marilyn and will always love Marilyn, but I must say it is very refreshing to see Twiggy represented.

Much love,


TOP 10 Fall Lipsticks To Spice Up Your Life

For all us northern hemisphere people, fall has arrived at our doorsteps.  Even though summer is still my favourite season (let’s get real, I live in Canada) I do adore fall.  Mainly because it is still sunny but cool enough to wear all my cute (but thin) coats, little booties and comfy scarfs.  Oh and the layers, I LOVE layering my clothing.  Also keep in mind that makeup can really switch up a look, especially lipstick.  Changing a lip colour can do wonders and may even change the way you carry yourself.

Ok let’s ‘fall’ right into this. 


1-     MAC Yung Rapeunxel (Amplified) which means it has a creamy texture and is packed with colour.  It has a bit of a sheen and is a warm purpley-brown.  Would be beautifully paired with a bare eye look but tons of mascara.

2-     MAC Punk Couture (Matte) which means it has a dry and flat finish with no sheen or shimmer running through it.  Although it looks similar to Yung Rapeunxel in the photo it is actually very different.  It is more on the cool side of the purple family.

3-     MARY KAY Downtown Brown It is in the brown tones (hence the name) but what is interesting is that it has pink and gold flecks running through it. This would match very well with a light brown (even tan) smoky eye and someone who has green eyes.

4-     MAC Fixed on Drama (Matte) this is a stunning cranberry like colour.  It really looks good on all skin tones!

5-     LANCÔME Fashion Icon (Metallic) this texture catches the light.  It is sheer and has a cooler undertone because of the silver and blue flecks running through it.  It’s a very romantic shade and would be paired nicely with a soft cut crease eye look.

6-     BH COSMETICS Moody Merlot (Matte) this lipstick is highly pigmented.  And although it is on the matte side it is still very creamy and will stay put for hours.  Perfect for fall!

7-     RIMMEL by Kate Moss #107 this is best described as pomegranate.  It is just gorgeous with a dark smokey eye for an evening out.

8-     MAC Private Party (Satin) this is a very similar to MAC matte formula however it has more sheen and is less drying on the lips.  Also this mauve based shade is very Kylie Jenner.

9-     ESTÉE LAUDER Decadent Fig is a sheer nude-brown.  This colour is very flattering on mature ladies. It is a softer and enhances one’s own lip colour.

10-   RIMMEL by Kate Moss #272 (Frosted) which means it holds a shimmer and almost shinny finish.  It is translucent and bronzy, but what I love most about this colour is that it looks great on its own but it also layers quite nicely on top of darker colours.


I hope this was a fun, light read and inspires you to either go out and purchase a fall colour of your own or hunt through your makeup collection and pull out a wine coloured lipstick that you had forgotten about.  Happy Fall Everyone!